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People all around the world are looking for a company they can trust that’s not just trying to turn a profit. A company who will only do what’s right each and every single time. To form a relationship of trust and integrity. Profit without morals is meaningless to us.

Primal Essentials was created to transform people’s lives through superior nutritional products and to improve whole body wellness from a company you can trust.

When we were in the process of naming our company Primal Essentials, we asked ourselves “What could truly defines our passion in honest, pure, holistic and trustworthy supplements to help humanity be healthy again?” Our name in turn signifies the core foundation for which we make our products with.

PRIMAL: We all know that the more we learn about optimal health, the more we find out we need to be more Primal. Nature has worked for billions of years and it will continue to be for eternity.

The US has only 5% of the world’s population but uses over 90% of all drugs produced worldwide. There is something totally wrong with this picture so Primal Essentials is here to do our part in saving humanity.

It’s time for a company to bridge science but then to also filter it through the aspects of our PRIMAL 5:


ESSENTIALS: No more filler ingredients. Products so pure that you could give them to your child. Only what is absolutely essential to your health and vitality.

In the age of modern technology, commercial mega-farming contributes to the degrading soil quality. As a result the nutritional content in our foods has been reduced to a fraction of what it used to be. This coupled with increased exposure to pollutants and environmental stressors, it is very clear – just to achieve and maintain balanced health, proper healthy potent supplementation is absolutely necessary.

We promise to create only the best nutritional supplements, with standards so high that we confidently trust them with our own families.

To your best health,

Primal Essentials

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